How to write a good song parody

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Best Songs to Make a Parody Of The Top Ten. 1 Baby - Justin Bieber. Its a good song for parodies:) I'm making a parody from this song and so far its coming along really really really easily!

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Jew Parodies: The good, the bad, and the ugly

New Review Familiar songs get an educational spin with a parody writing lesson. Scholars take their favorite songs and change the lyrics to reinforce topics taught in the classroom. Scholars take their favorite songs and change the lyrics to reinforce topics taught in the classroom.

They will be writing down the first few lines of some famous poems or songs, then underneath they will write the first few lines of a parody of each poem or song. To begin, set-up the page.

Below is a suggestion for how to partition off a page, which comes with a teacher model.

How to write a good song parody
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Am I Right - Parody Song Writing Tips