How to write a song about your life

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LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SONG: a step-by-step guide

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How to Write a Song | 10 Songwriting Tips from the Pros

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

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Life on Mars (song)

Become a Premium Subscriber: http://w. When Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics for this song he was He explained in an interview in"I was 17 years old, and it was coming from someone whose outlook on love or experience with love was totally new and naïve." He added, "You have to write from where you are at a particular point in time, and 'Your Song' is exactly where I was coming from back then.".

LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SONG: a step-by-step guide

Real news, curated by real humans. Packed with the trends, news & links you need to be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve. "Life on Mars?", also known as "(Is There) Life on Mars?", is a song by David Bowie, first released in on the album Hunky Dory and also released as a single.

For example, you may decide to write a poem around the theme of “love and friendship.” You may then think about specific moments in your life where you experienced love and friendship as well as how you would characterize love and friendship based on your relationships with others.

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Write me a song. Song from my words. John O'Leary.

How to Write a Song in Ten Steps

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How to write a song about your life
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