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The Independent Filmmaker Project

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In my grandma, the most balanced and importantly pleasing close-up cuts the top of the tug somewhere between the statistics and the topic, with the bottom endeavor edge […]. LA Film Festival Awards. The LA Film Festival has come to a close and these fantastic films are the Jury and Audience Award winners.

The Winners. A new Study Guide has been developed as a tool to help educators and community groups use the film to stimulate discussion about the critical issues of race and racism in the U.S.

This is an invaluable resource for classrooms and organizations seeking to encourage dialogue and spark change. Preview the guide now and receive a complete version when you purchase a copy of the film. Independent film distribution tips: a guide for indie filmmakers, from theatrical to self-distribution alternatives.

Gasland 2, NOW on HBO, a sequel to filmmaker Josh Fox's Gasland documentary which follows his international odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination related to hydraulic fracking. May 19,  · The Independent Filmmaker Project Many individuals, foundations, corporations, or government organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax-exempt organizations.

Founded inThe Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) is the largest and longest running not-for-profit dedicated to independent film.

Independent Filmmaker Project Will Expand Into Podcasts and Audio Storytelling

IFP continues to champion the future of storytelling by connecting artists across various media disciplines with essential resources at .

Independent filmmaker project
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