Psu in india a government owned corporation

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Sell PSU shares to the public, not other PSUs

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PSU Recruitment 2018 Latest Public Sector Job Openings

For example, Reserve Bank of India is owned by the Central Govern-ment while Delhi Transport Corporation is owned by the Government of Delhi State. 2. Government Control: The ultimate control of a public sector undertaking lies with the Government.

PSU is an acronym for Public Sector Undertaking.

Government-owned corporation: Wikis

The term PSU or PSU Companies represents the group of Companies in India owned by the union government of India, or one of the many state or territorial governments, or both.

Public sector undertakings or PSUs are those corporations that are controlled and operated by the Government of India. These are also known as Public Sector Enterprises (PSE).

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The government holds 51% or more shares in the public sector owned by the Central Government or any State Government. PSU’s are government-owned corporations or state-owned enterprises created by the Government of India to undertake commercial activities on behalf of government.

Several Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) under the aegis of Government of India regularly provide tremendous employment opportunities in various technical and management areas. The government-owned corporations are termed as Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India.

List of public sector undertakings in India

In a PSU majority (51% or more) of the paid up share capital is held by central government or by any state government or partly by the central governments and partly by one or more state governments.

Psu in india a government owned corporation
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