Rizal stage play

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Dr. Jose Rizal: His Devotion for our Patriotism

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El Filibusterismo

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Randy Travis

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Rizal Mini Theater is nowhere near the size of Henry Lee Irwin Theater, but it's definitely not "mini". It has a capacity of almost people.

The theater is fully air-conditioned and they have comfortable seats for students and guests. This is also where theater kids rehearse for their next stage play.4/4(2).


Discover amazing things and connect with passionate people. “Her Son, Jose Rizal” is a stage play production by the late Leonor Oroso Goquinco. The one-act play was set on Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills, Sydney.

The one-act play was set on Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills, Sydney. Dr. I shall be dead. he was served three soft-boiled eggs for breakfast and exclaimed Dr. Jose Rizal: (While looking at Lt.(While Rizal on the stage acts as if he’s writing.

Jose Rizal: We are on the way to calvary Narrator: He remarked the priest. let them celebrate. Jose Rizal wears his black suit and his black bowler hat. Lt. Goodbye/5(34). Appointments duly acted upon CSC – 7 November 0. UB ‘Milenyal na Sina Rizal’ Stage Play.

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Rizal stage play
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