Technical writing certificate online

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Certificate in Fundamentals of Technical Writing Online Course

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Become a Certified Technical Writer

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By completing this certificate, you will show future employers and educational institutions that you have a commitment to, and competency with, writing that goes beyond the. Professional Technical Writing is a 3-month online writing course that can help to launch your new career in technical writing.

If you are already a working technical writer, you can also benefit from this course by updating your writing skills and by acquiring experience in an important skill for technical.

BCIT's Associate Certificate in Technical Writing is a part-time, evening program, offered by our Communication Department. It consists of 11 courses of either hour or hour duration, with each course meeting for one three-hour session per week.

By earning your professional writing degree online, you position yourself for a variety of writing careers. Your degree opens doors to such roles as a reporter, author or technical writer. Technical writing - the art of creating operating instructions, FAQ pages and how-to manuals - is projected to grow 11% throughfaster than the average.

The Technical Writing Certificate program will provide you with best practices for creating clear, compelling technical documents. This is a hands-on program. Besides completing interactive online course content, you will complete writing assignments and receive personalized feedback on your work.

The online Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing program focuses on professional and technical writing for print and online as well as writing for the workplace — from grant writing and proposals to reports and procedural manuals.

Technical writing certificate online
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Technical Writing Certificates, Online