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First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database - Welcome to the First web site dedicated to H.H. The Aga Khan and Ismailism. Last Updated on September 24, at EST. What is your advice on attending one of the following Canadian universities: Toronto, McGill, UBC, and Victoria?

Update Cancel. What your friends Daughter will take away from Mcgill is a great experience in a great Multicultural city (adds value in job searches), from a brandname University that opens doors for an Amazing grad school or.

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Barber Learning Centre is a proud collaborator in helping UBC students connect with writing tutors through WriteAway. WriteAway is an online writing support service for undergraduate students in fifteen post-secondary institutions.

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UBC, in collaboration with the University Neighbourhoods Association, has developed and released the comprehensive Zero Waste Action Plan. The plan outlines UBC’s targets to reach new milestones in waste reduction and management, and the actions required to meet those targets.

Write away ubc library
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